Saturday, 1 January 2011

Tracks Of My Tears

Back when I did this test I thought I'd cracked motion tracking (the mind and soul destroying art of putting special effects into shots even when the camera is moving all over the shop).

Turns out it was just beginners luck and by the time I tried to apply it in an actual proper professional thing, like the Scientology sketch I did last November, it all fell to ribbons. The motion tracking barely worked at all and the sfx side of things was a little bit sub standard as a result.

Which is why this humble little clip constitutes fist pumping, hand waving excitement here in Lord Tunley manor - especially as it was achieved from my flu ridden sickbed.

See how the badly lit, obviously fake grey block sticks to the desk? Hello? Hello? Come back...

I will undoubtedly thrill you with more in the future. 

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