Friday, 18 November 2011


Yup, another project done and dusted and ready to hurl into the howling void.

It's a little sketch written by David Armand, starring Dave and Will Andrews. It also features (and hideously under-uses the talents of) Sarah Baker, Tony Way and Toby Davies. Josh Topp clutched a replica weapon and did art dept duties including high quality smoke wrangling.

Bob Pipe was on camera, Simon Batchelar recorded noises. Waen Shepherd somehow got a film score out of his computer, possibly by occult means.


  1. Very, very, very impressive piece of work! I speak American Sign Language (ASL)--- and your video is going viral in the ASL community on Facebook right now. Some of us wonder if any of you know ASL or have experience socializing with Deaf people? Because from this video, it sure seems like it! Again, kudos to you all for a beautiful job done--- it was hilarious as heck too :)

  2. Raychelle: very ignorant of ASL (til now!) so no, any link is completely unintentional. Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers for the comment, much appreciated...

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with Raychelle. This is incredible. And it really does seem like you know ASL. You quite sure you don't? :) Thank you for making such an entertaining short. Hysterical!