Thursday, 25 February 2010

Ploughing On

Experienced my first wave of Animation Ennui today as I realised how far I have to go to completion of my ill advised first foray into 3D cartoonery, "Giant Robot vs Gerbil"

Still I did do some (extremely) rough sets for the city, which is what these here gloomy pics that look like something from a late 80s budget computer game are. They're just place-holders for blocking and will be souped up beyond belief in the final stages. That's my excuse anyway.

This will look amazing when it's done, honest.

Not unlike Bethnal Green.

Giant Robot himself pops in to liven things up. Fails.

In other, more exciting, news: "Going On" is finished! But I don't think we'll be putting it online for a bit as we want to show it to TV bigwigs first.


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