Saturday, 23 January 2010

Going On...

Over Summer and into Autumn I've been directing a taster tape / mini pilot called "Going On" at weekends and whenever we could spare the time... can't say much at this point but it is a sketch show based around an arts and culture type show.

Here's the incomparable Justin "Jedwards" Edwards as a Cuban guitarist.

The brilliant Zoe Gardner as a presenter, the admirable Alex Kirk as a saucy postcard artist.

The inimitable Ben Wilbond and the estimable (I'm running out of adjectives) Lorna Watson join us to re-create a 60s era version of the same show, a middle class dinner party twatfest and the studio links...

We had a great location (courtesy of resourceful producer / DOP Simon Maunder) and one of the hottest days of summer (courtesy of world ending climate change) to recreate this Wire type cop drama:

No expense spent: cutting up and burning Primark tat in a car park in readiness for a zombie sequence:

Art director supremo Josh Topp moonshines as a zombie:

An afternoon of greenscreen malarkey to recreate film clips from different eras and we were done.

Knee deep in post now but should be finished soonish...

Thanks to Josh and Justin for the photographs. Clicky clicky for bigger versions...

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