Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Another blast from the past. This time it's "Brothers", possibly my fave thing that I've directed ever, largely thanks to writer / stars Alex Kirk and Simon Messingham's wonderfully blackly poignant script.

The whole thing was produced by the brilliant Phil Gilbert, now one half of funny business purveyors The Sunday Defensive.

The spot on production design (on zero budget) was by old Lord Tunley oppo Joshua Topp. The beautiful photography was by DOP supremo Ben Pritchard.

Here's some exclusive access all areas behind the scenes photos of the shoot.

The tracking shot at the end was done in a wheelchair rigged by Mr Pritchard (seated) and pushed (jargon alert) by Mr Topp (standing). That's a Sony Z1 in a MovieTube rig fact fans.

A thin version of me takes a pic with some sort of futuristic mini camera.

Mr Kirk rehearses for the penultimate scene.

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