Monday, 18 January 2010

Blender Bloke

Those of you not interested in 3D Modelling and computer animation need read no further.

Hello... hello...?

Helped along by this tutorial from some dude in Oklahoma with way too much time on his hands I have made this freaky looking fucker:

He doesn't look too bad from a distance which means he'd be fine as an extra. Standing behind a box. And a lot of smoke. Dressed in dark colours in a dim light.

Torso not tooooo shabby:

He's also helped by the funky matrix style lines all over him, but take a closer look...

Warghhh! Jesus God! what is that?... looks like he's escaped from a burns unit or some Roswell style experimental facility. Maybe that's why he's frowning so much, it certainly wasn't intentional on my part.

I will soldier on, putting some colour, hair and clothes on him and try and make him move about but I fear there may be no saving the poor sap. Still it's an improvement on this from just after Xmas...

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