Saturday, 9 January 2010

Nicked Caves

This is "The Cave Children" which I made a good few years ago with Simon Farnaby (now of "Bunny and the Bull" Fame) and Tony Law and the Brothers Lamont, Remy and James, behind the scenes doing a good deal of the producing and technical heavy lifting.

Heads up: it's a bit "odd".

We did all the keyed scenes in a bedroom in the Lamont's house which we (by which I mean mainly they and art director supremo Josh Topp) spent a day painting blue, as you can see from these exclusive, candid, access all areas behind the scenes shots...

That's Tony Law on the massive sound stage at Lamont studios.

Josh spent hours and hours building the train interior from bits and bobs (mostly from a Homebase as I recall) and was paid only in lager (actually he probably provided that himself as well). He did a fantastic job and it's a pity you don't see more of it in the film.

Dig the crazy strip lights gaffered to the wall. Health and safety my arse.

The whole thing cost about three hundred quid so Blair Witch eat your heart out.

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